»The Well«

Die Exkursion nach Sintra, Portugal

In spring 2015 Vazo and Peter met in Portugal. On a visit to Sintra, an ancient village pretty close to Lisboa they started their project »The Well«, which is located in the site of the »Quinta da Regaleira«.

The 27 metre deep well, resembles an inverted tower, and depending on the direction you choose, either a journey down into the depths of the earth, or a climb out of the darkness into the light, the journey through the earth is like a rebirth through mother natures womb, from where all things come and where one day all shall return. The well is divided in nine platforms reminiscent of the Divine Comedy by Dante and the nine circles of Hell, the nine sections of Purgatory and the nine skies which constitute Paradise. At the base of the well you will find a Rosicrucian Cross, which also happened to be the coat of arms of Carvalho Monteiro.

The trio27 showed their works a on November 27th 2015 in the gallery Lange in Siegburg, Germany, curated by Christel Schüppenhauer from Schüppenhauer Art + Projects.


Den Katalog gibt's hier zum Runterladen, natürlich nicht ganz so hochauflösend, wie die gedruckte Version: PDF-Katalog

Andere Projekte von trio27 gibt es auf unserer Website »trio27.com«

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