»TARKOW«, featuring D,R,ON

Surreal Cinema - Premiere of the Video-Sound-Installation at the Festival für Filmkunst Berlin

Area Composing is a journey into the cosmos of Armenian artist Vazgen Pahlavuni-Tadevosyan.

On a macroscopic camera tour through Vazgen's studio in a convent in the south of France, detailed shots were taken that unite to form a Liquid Image. The images, which flow extremely slowly into one another, are reminiscent of the surrealist imagery of Andrei Tarkovsky. A soundscape of undefinable sounds from the sound sculpture D,R,ON evokes a wide variety of moods and associations. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The premiere of »TARKOW« took place on 31.7. and 12.8. 2022 in the context of the Filmgarten Berlin.

We are pleased about the award of Filmgarten Berlin 2022.

Ronld Gaube: Soundscapes
Peter Hölscher: Liquid Images
Dorothee Pilavas: Realization


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