»PhilCologne, June 2022«

Finding Peace - A meditative experiment

On June 4, we, Area Composer, showed 3 Liquid Images for the event "Finding Peace" by and with Paul J. Kohtes, under conceivably bad conditions - as so often :-), read more:

Projection onto a gauze - a new insight. In this project, the musician, Markus Stockhausen, should be part of the projection of the image, which is transmitted by the gauze to about 50%. We learned that this constellation of gauze with a black wall 2 meters behind it had a very positive effect on the brilliance of the image. The lighting conditions were conceivably bad, at the beginning of the event it was still as bright as day outside. But because the bright tones were reflected by the gauze and the area in the shadows appeared almost completely transparent, the result was a tonal range that extended from white to almost black (through the black wall behind it). So we had a pretty brilliant projection in quite bright ambient light.

Ronld Gaube: Soundscapes
Peter Hölscher: Liquid Images
Dorothee Pilavas: Dramaturgy, Realization
Paul J. Kohtes: Host
Markus Stockhausen: Flugelhorn


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