An onomatopoeia

»Die Kunst und der Tod« by Antonin Artaud is the starting point of L'Origine. Artaud wrote about his work: "I want to write a book that confuses people, that is like an open door and that leads them where they would never have consented to go, a door that is simply connected to reality."«

L’Origine, these are paintings from which a liquid image unfolds. Words that combine to form a metaphysical text. Saxophone sounds that balance on image and text. Finally, the human being - voice, movement, breath - that connects everything. Perception changes, leaving everything open.

Peter Hölscher: Idea, Painting and Liquid Image
Roger Hanschel: Composition, saxophone and electronics
Barbara Schachtner: Performance, voice and sound art
Dorothee Pilavas: Text composition


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