»Kari K'ami, August 2022«

Premiere for a Düsseldorf school class

On August 18, »Kari K'ami« - a journey from Georgia to Armenia, presented to the art class of Uwe Pongs, including introduction and subsequent panel. We were very surprised and pleased with the differentiated impressions and questions of the children and young people. Here are a few original sounds:

"I saw a lot of different things in the pictures that weren't even pictured there."
Noreli (13)

"The music fit so well that sometimes I thought I was live in that place."
Anissa (13)

"It's impressive how completely different thoughts came into everyone's head. This is what makes us all different from each other - the way our minds work."
Jagoda (16)

"I loved that the photographer didn't just take pictures of the "beautiful" parts of the country. In my opinion, there is no beautiful and ugly. Everything is beautiful in its own way, you just have to discover the beauty."
Maja (16)

"It seems like everything used to be a picture, which gradually changed."
Lea (16)

Ronld Gaube: Music, Komposition
Peter Hölscher: Liquid Image, Komposition
Dorothee Pilavas: Komposition, Realisation


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